Open Innovation

Promoting the sharing of knowledge through systems development partnerships in carbon removal and biotech

    OpenAir Cyan
    In early 2021 we open-sourced a small-scale direct air carbon capture (DACC) and CO2 mineralization system for educational and demonstration use. Cyan is the first OSHWA certified DACC system (ID US001095) and has been supported by the OpenAir Collective, a community of volunteers dedicated to promoting carbon removal through DACC and open source/open hardware principles. Find the documentation to build your own Cyan on GitHub here.
    Climate PM: Project Management for the Climate   
    Beginning in Q3 2020 we launched a site to offer guidance on applying project management principles toward combatting climate change. We also launched an app there that allows users to document and track projects that reduce CO2 emissions at the million metric ton level to quantify their effectiveness at a global scale.  
    Implant Design to Treat Diabetes
    We developed an implant design that holds promise as another step toward the treatment of diabetes. We collaborated with the major pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and a partnering laboratory, TG Labs, to implement and evaluate our design over the course of several years. Here is a video of our CTO describing our open innovation work.

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