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Our Services

Technology Consulting

Our Focus on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: We advise on the use of emerging and mature technologies for a variety of industries that involve either science or technology in some capacity. These technologies include big data, artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, and much more. We want to help you find the right tools and techniques for what you want to achieve. We also develop analytical software products  using open-source tools and technologies.

Have Technology Questions? In addition to traditional one-on-one consulting, we will soon be trialing an interactive group consulting format. Clients can stop by during business hours at a heavily discounted rate to enjoy each other’s company and shared knowledge while getting essential questions answered. For now, feel free to reach out with your questions or schedule a free consultation with us.

Generating Actionable Intelligence from Big Data

Not everyone has big data but everyone certainly has at least one source of untapped, inaccessible data. These data might be associated with business operations, sales, marketing, order fulfillment, log files, social media, web analytics, and more. Whether you have big data or not, we can help you manage and make the most of your information so you can make better business decisions.

We have spent the past few years building big data solutions for enterprise clients but it’s time to level the playing field. All businesses, large or small, should have access to the insight-generating capabilities of big data. Contact us today and we will work with you to scope out your project, offering an estimate of time and resources needed before completion by our team. We offer competitive rates for building out your solution and either managing it remotely or transferring the system to your data engineering team.

Saving 70% on Cloud Computing Costs

Right now we are operating our cloud platform at a 70% discount on standard pricing. That means we only pay $30 per month for every $100 of actual cloud costs. On some services we can save even 80 or 90% on cloud costs. If you are a customer of either Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud, we can show you how to do the same. Or, perhaps you are a small business that has been wondering how to break into cloud computing without breaking your wallet. Let us show you exactly how this is done.

Businesses We Serve

We are advocates for the greater use of big data among businesses that haven’t begun to leverage it. We have identified six types of such businesses based on the availability of data for use. Is your business among these? Each of these companies will require a different level of effort and thus investment to unlock the value hidden in their data. That’s where we come in.

1) Businesses that generate large amounts of data but have not thought about storing it. This is a lost opportunity for your company to gain insight into the usefulness of your business operations. [Example: Advertising/Marketing – every campaign is a potential data collection event]

2) Businesses that generate and store very little data at any one time, but you have been doing this for a long period of time and will continue to do so in the future. You may be well aware of your large historical library of data but may not be as aware about making all that data accessible and thus actionable. [Example: Photography, Graphics Design – managing photographs and other files]

3) Businesses that generate no data of their own and so they require access to it, or more commonly they just want business intelligence. You will not mind if others analyze the data and provide you with the results you are seeking. [Example: Retail – where to open a new store]

4) Businesses that knowingly or unknowingly have access to data, but that do not know how to connect to it to make it useful. [Example: Website Design – making data available through websites]

5) Businesses that have used data in the past and are capable of making use of bigger data, but cannot afford to hire their own data architects, engineers, and scientists to make that happen. [Example: Geospatial Analytics, Environmental Management, Smaller Biotech and Health/Pharma Companies]

6) Businesses that are already using big data and would like to attract more clients to their time-tested big data solutions. We would like to hear from you as there may be a potential partnership opportunity.

Science and Tech Innovation

Under this last service, we have carried out projects in biotech, virtual reality, and a wide range of fields where needs happen to intersect with our skills and expertise. We go after innovation challenges, often competing with hundreds of others for the opportunity to propose a winning design. We also engage in collaborations with companies to take our concepts and prototypes forward along the path to commercialization.