Artificial Intelligence and Big Data


We employ the tools of artificial intelligence and big data to solve important problems in science and technology.

We have developed processing pipelines for multi-terabyte image datasets but also apply artificial intelligence to solve text processing problems. 

We enjoy practicing cutting-edge new technologies alongside proven ones in the process of architecting and building solutions. Click here to learn more about our big data solutions.

Mobile Technology and Systems Design


DeepScience develops software for mobile applications that are unique in scope and target important needs. We also design portable and cloud systems to support these mobile applications.

Take this one for example - a mobile app that displays a navigable, dynamic graph network to connect people with location-based resources and activities.

Innovation in Science and Technology

This is our largest service.  Under this topic we have carried out projects in biotech, virtual reality, geospatial analytics, and a wide range of fields where needs happen to intersect with our skills and expertise. 

We go after innovation challenges, often competing with hundreds of others for the opportunity to propose a winning design.

We also engage in collaborations with companies to take our concepts and prototypes forward along the path to commercialization.

Architecting Innovative Solutions to Challenging Problems

In our short video below, we attempt to depict some of the world's most pressing problems - urbanization, food security, energy, climate change - and how the answers to such problems await being unlocked by the tools of information technology.  From nothing more than a laptop, we can access as many data points as there are people in the world or stars in the sky.  Data is the medium through which science is done, science is the means by which new technologies are built, and technology provides the mechanisms through which solutions might be found.

Our problems are big - thus little surprise if they require big data tools and techniques.  Their complex interconnections might befuddle human intellect but not that of artificial intelligence.

Using the tools of big data and data science to solve these problems will yield unparalleled economic opportunities as the 21st century progresses.