Our Services

Artificial Intelligence Applications in the Life Sciences

We actively explore the use of convolutional neural networks and deep reinforcement learning for applications such as drug discovery and synthetic biology. We can advise on the use of big data and artificial intelligence for your biological application.

We also have a community site up at https://fix.bio for those who want to know how to fix biological problems such as diseases and aging.

Geospatial Analytics and Visualization

We develop a variety of geospatial analytics products for clients using open-source tools and technologies, including those used to analyze very large datasets. Our focus is on the use of AI to automate the analytics process and on new methods for visualizing geospatial datasets.

  • Elevation and road network of the Evergreen, CO area

Scientific and Technological Innovation

Under this topic we have carried out projects in biotech, virtual reality, and a wide range of fields where needs happen to intersect with our skills and expertise.

We go after innovation challenges, often competing with hundreds of others for the opportunity to propose a winning design.

We also engage in collaborations with companies to take our concepts and prototypes forward along the path to commercialization.

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