Research and Development Projects

Artificial Intelligence-Guided Navigation in Virtual Reality

In Q2 2018 we submitted plans for a system that would enable users to intelligently navigate a 3D environment to carry out mission objectives using AI-driven VR software. We are working on plans for an augmented reality system using the same AI.

  • Plan for the AI System


AI-Driven Aerosol Monitoring System

User interface on cell phone

Also in Q2 2018 we submitted plans for a system that would determine concentrations of particulate matter using input from an ultra-small NIR sensor. The system would use deep learning to compare sensor output with labeled data from an accurate sensor.


AI-Driven Moderation Helper

Also in Q2 2018 we developed an AI application to monitor Facebook groups, analyze content for problematic communication (profanity, hate speech, disruption), and to report that content to a public channel for moderators to investigate. It is currently under beta testing.


Past Projects

Deep Learning for Image Analytics

In Q3 2017 we began planning and implementing deep learning software for an early-stage startup in the St. Louis area, Optar AI.

Geospatial Big Data Architecture and Engineering for Analytics

Beginning in Q4 2016 we began implementing a big data pipeline for a major biotech/agricultural services company operating in the St. Louis area.  It incorporates a variety of geospatial data sources and is cloud-based.

Implant Design to Treat Type II Diabetes

We recently developed an implant design that holds promise as another step toward the treatment of type II diabetes.  This is a disease that millions of people suffer from, and numbers only seem to be increasing.

The details of this challenge are available here.  We collaborated with a major pharmaceutical company and a research institution to implement and evaluate our design over the course of nearly a year.

Novel, Efficient Wastewater Treatment

We conceived of a non-reverse-osmosis method to efficiently remove salt, boron, and organic materials from industrially produced water at scale.

This water may be sourced from the ground through hydraulic fracturing, or produced in an industrial process.  Nonetheless, the end goal is to return the water to a condition suitable for agricultural use.

The details of this particular challenge are available here.


Additional R&D Projects and Solutions

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about any of these.