Our Products

A Platform for Mass Participation, Collaboration and Open Decision-Making

We have taken the open-source participation platform Decidim and implemented it in a distributed manner designed to serve users at great scale – tens of thousands of users minimally; potentially millions.  Originally designed to increase public participation in government decision-making, this implementation is envisioned to serve any online community needing to gather actionable feedback from its constituents.  Our implementation was done for demonstration purposes only; it is not an active site.

Click on the picture to visit the demo site.  If you would like to have a similar site set up for your organization or business, contact us.


SuperConnector: Connecting Producers with Consumers at Scale through Artificial Intelligence

We have identified a significant problem facing virtual communities of all kinds, from corporate teams to large online communities of over 100,000 individuals.  This problem involves connecting many producers of knowledge and resources with individual consumers that would like to be updated with that information or to have access to those resources.  It is a “many-to-one” problem and is a problem of scale. 

How exactly does one organize individuals in a virtual community in an optimal manner and enable information sharing between hundreds or thousands of people such that individuals can get updated on progress within a few minutes?  Once again, the tools of big data and artificial intelligence have enabled us to find a solution.

The Solution

SuperConnector is a cloud-based, AI-driven web application in an early alpha stage. It was designed to find optimal connections among large groups of people for the mutual exchange of information, goods and services, enabling the formation of virtual economies.

Producers are users who wish to volunteer their knowledge, skills, or resources to other users.  Consumers are users who have a need for knowledge or skills/resources from others.  

Within the application, producers will be able to offer relevant content, a description of skills/resources they would like to offer, and a description of their current projects they need help with.  Consumers will be able to obtain a daily summary of the available content and any/all projects they might be able to contribute to at that point in time based on their skills/resources.