DeepScience LC: AI Innovation Lab (AI4AI)

As of October 2017, the AI4AI lab has moved back to the Denver, Colorado area. This page detailed the work that was done at this location since October of last year.

The work being done at this location revolved around both artificial intelligence and applied innovation. This is especially the case where artificial intelligence may be used to accelerate innovation in several select fields. Hence the name AI4AI, though at some point in the near future this might also describe AI systems that produce software and materials for other AI systems.

AI4AI formerly resided at the DeepScience LC complex at 3280 McKibbon Rd. It is the only gated structure with a tall radio tower next to the city park.  This subterranean, highly secure building is nearly 4,000 square feet and was designed and built to be a fire and EMS dispatching facility for all of North and Central St. Louis County. It is constructed of 1 foot thick reinforced concrete laced with EMP resistant copper shielding. There are various high security and redundant system features throughout the building including:

  • remote entry gate,
  • chain link secure compound,
  • hardened steel roll down garage door shield,
  • steel entry door,
  • hardened dual backup power generators with 4,000 gallon in-ground fuel tank

The interior of the building consists of raised floor finished office/computer room space, a conference room, a presentation space, 2 bathrooms, a kitchenette, and a high ceiling garage/warehouse area with single overhead drive in door. The building is served with 3-phase power and there is room for 20 cars inside the security gate.