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2019: The Year in Review

We opened our first office in Evergreen, Colorado in March. A lot has happened since then and 2020 is sure to be a blast.

2019 Community Activities

March 1, 2019

New Office Location!

DeepScience has been in business since March 2015 and in our fourth year we have decided to acquire office space in Colorado to better serve our customers.

April 2019

Evergreen Chamber of Commerce

We joined Evergreen's Chamber of Commerce to meet local business owners and to learn more about how we might be able to help.

May 2019

Classes and Study Groups Begin

We offered instruction in big data analytics/AI and hosted an advanced weekend study group on Deep Reinforcement Learning.

June 2019

Summer Internship Begins

We hosted a student from the Executive High School Internship program in Jefferson County, Colorado for two months to learn about data science and its various applications in agriculture and environmental science.

July 2019

Forensic Bird Identification Project with help from Evergreen Audubon

Together with help from Evergreen Audubon and our advanced AI study group, we developed software to identify birds from microscopic feather remnants. We reached 92% accuracy, not enough to win the challenge but enough to feel a sense of accomplishment and community. Read about our adventure here on the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce's website.

August 2019

Clear Creek Broadband - Grant Application Work

Eastern Clear Creek County is part of Evergreen and right outside Denver, but homes in the service area have never been able to get minimal broadband service. We had been helping CCB with their grant application through geospatial analytics and mapping work, and sometimes just replying back to community members to let them know the status of things.

September 2019

Forming a Sustainability Nonprofit

Through our outreach, we met a group that wanted to launch a nonprofit around environmental protection, water management, and critical infrastructure security. Since September, we have been committing time to help this nonprofit organize itself. It will go live sometime in the early part of 2020.

October - December 2019

End-of-Year Projects 

We have been busy on a variety of proposals - one for rapid soil remediation, one for mixing highly viscous materials, one for improved gene therapy using adeno-associated viruses, and one for comparing multiple genomes.

December 3-20, 2019

Giving Tuesday

After Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, it is now time for Giving Tuesday. For the next two weeks, we will be giving back to the community by offering free consultations on any topic you think we can help you with. 


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