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Our ABC Core

We focus on Agriculture, Biotech, and Cleantech from a technology and strategy standpoint. We have used geospatial big data analytics and artificial intelligence as tools to implement technology solutions, but no solution is complete without the will of the people to put it to practice.

"We face great challenges to our food and water supply brought about by a warming world. The fabric of civilization is being stretched and tested as we speak.

Mitigating the impacts of climate change will not be done in isolation. It will require cross-disciplinary efforts and cross-cutting technologies. It will require not only technology, but also the will to change."

DeepScience promotes the use of systems thinking as well as a wide range of advanced technologies to ease the transition to greater resilience. We stand apart in approaching these challenges through the development of software and systems that feature state of the art tools such as AI and big data analytics. We also use our problem-solving capacity to develop innovative solutions to our most pressing problems within the highly synergistic ABC industries of Agriculture, Biotech, and Cleantech.

We recognize that the finest technological solution to any problem will go nowhere without a body of people who believe in it and want to see it through. That is why outreach for us is just as important as development. We provide the gateway but you have the power to decide what goes through and what doesn't.


Feeding the world

• Creating geospatial big data pipelines to use your agricultural data for strategic decision-making

• Improving object segmentation for weed identification or to locate unhealthy plants by UAV

• How best to select crops, slow-release fertilizers, or soil amendments to improve yield even under harsh scenarios of climate change


For health and the environment

• Designing implantable cell therapy devices for a variety of biologic applications

• Use of open source software to create deep reinforcement learning systems for molecular discovery

• Determination of compatible plant, fungal, and microbial species that lower overall water and pesticide use when grown together


Energy and remediation

• Research on nanoscale, microscale, and mesoscale structures for various clean energy applications, to include metal nanoparticles, zeolites, and other catalytic structures

• Research on efficient means of achieving high power sonochemistry for water treatment


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