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We put others before ourselves.
We put the future before the past.
Ecology is as important as economy.
Careful thinking comes before haste.
The journey is as important as the destination. 


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What you can ask Dahl about when you meet with her

Dahl Winters is a leader in science R&D and technology initiatives with over 15 years of experience in IT services and consulting. She brings a wealth of expertise with strengths in geospatial big data, artificial intelligence, and innovation strategies for research and development. Her broad technical experience led her to found her own company, DeepScience Ltd, to capitalize on existing growth opportunities fulfilling the R&D and innovation needs of multinational companies, within the core areas of agriculture, biotech, and cleantech.

Prior to forming DeepScience, Dahl served as Geospatial Big Data Architect at Monsanto (now Bayer). In this consulting role, Dahl managed a small team of engineers and worked across larger teams to implement geospatial data management and analytics solutions. She also led an initiative to develop a more competitive, cost-effective image mosaicking solution for drone-based image analytics. Prior to that, Dahl served as Staff R&D Scientist at a major satellite imagery and analytics company, DigitalGlobe, which has now become Maxar Technologies. She spearheaded the development of an image processing pipeline and led the way to its successful productization within the first year of her being there.

Dahl has been responsible for several initiatives that have taken companies from concept toward commercialization in her areas of expertise. On several occasions she architected and built processing pipelines handling upwards of terabytes of imagery, working with teams to commercialize the resulting products in as short as 6 months.

Dahl has received several awards for her work, including two innovation awards from InnoCentive on behalf of a major oil/gas company as well as AstraZeneca. She also received an award for her second-place contribution in a Google-led hackathon of several hundred participants.

As a result of her experience, Dahl understands the challenges we face in agriculture, biotech, and cleantech. She has seen firsthand the growth of AI as well as the growing knowledge gap of how to use it, driven in large part by socioeconomic forces. After having spent years on technological solutions, she recognizes the equal value of people in solving any problem. She has volunteered for Clear Creek Broadband to help a rural area meet the minimum federal definition of broadband internet speeds, and offers her time freely when she can to help local businesses, organizations, and individuals.


Technology as a tool to serve humanity

On the technological side:

"Artificial intelligence has been said to be the new electricity; one could also argue highly for its value in transforming agriculture. With less space on which to feed more people than ever before, we will need AI to make the most of every agricultural field. AI has and will continue to be instrumental in reducing inefficiencies in crop management, especially those concerning fertilizer, water, and pesticide use. The time is ripe for transformation in agriculture to sustain growth in a warming world. AI will be a critical enabler of that transformation.”

And on the human side:

"The finest technological solution to any problem is either dead in the water without the will of the people to carry it forward, or may yield more problems than solutions if people do not think through the consequences. People are an essential part of the equation as well as its biggest variable. Technology can enable transformative change but it is the people who must live with that change. Not just the powerful few or the hopeful many, but all people on our one and only planet."


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